Best New Android Apps and Games 2018

In all honesty, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The last month and a half has seen the United States hit by winter storm after winter storm throughout the Northeast. Heavy rainfall has fallen throughout northern California, prompting Yosemite to close due to a mudslide warning. And despite being a third of the way into April as we publish this article, we’re still feeling the cold of winter.  Despite Daylight Saving time now being in full swing and the season of Spring having arrived nearly three weeks ago, it seems like we’ll be stuck inside for at least another week or two before the sunshine truly begins to shine on us.

For that reason alone, you might be wanting to stay inside throughout the rest of April, and hey, we can’t really blame you. If you’re looking for some new apps and games for the final days of this last burst of winter, we have you covered. This month we have six new apps for you to try out, including a brand-new pixel art shooter that feels great on touchscreens, a port from a popular PC release that reached Android before iOS, a new entry to the podcast-playing field, the release of a critically-acclaimed iOS game on Android, a brand new launcher designed for phones of all power levels, and finally, a brand new augmented reality app from Google made to change the world around you.

While this month doesn’t feature as many brand-new applications as March, we still have all eight of our new apps from March listed below, plus the six brand-new ones we’ve added this month. Whether you’re looking for a brand new game or just to try out some new apps, we have a lot of additions for you this month that are as exciting as anything else we’ve seen in 2018. It’s a good month for games, so forget the cold, stay inside, and wait for all of this to blow over. These are the best apps and games for April 2018.

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